Authentic Modmen Limited Edition Copper Limitless Mod

Modmen LE Copper Limitless Mod

This is the limited edition copper Modmen Mod designed by Al from Modmen. These new Modmen Mods are run in limited edition and are going to be rare since production will be run in small volume. If you have been looking for these limited edition Modmen Copper Limitless Mods, jump on them quick because they will be sold out quickly.

• Made from high quality copper
• Designed, engineering, and manufactured in the USA
• Adjustable delrin
• direct battery to atty connection for minimal voltage drop
• Replaceable sleeves for a brand new look and feel
• Revolutionary 4 point button rail system
• Affordable and hard hitting
• One piece contact button

General Tips

◦   Always insert the positive side of the battery into the tube FIRST! So if your mod was sitting on a table, the positive side of the battery would be facing up and the negative side of the battery should be facing down towards the button (Failing to properly insert your battery can kill your mod)

◦   Always use protected batteries from reputable brands such as AW, MNKE, Sony, and samsung smurf. Failure to use these batteries can result in explosion and/ or severe incorrect fitment. If your mod is not firing and you ARE NOT using correct batteries.

◦   Always use a mod safety fuse when running unprotected batteries which should be purchased on our site

◦   Never stack batteries

◦   Prior to using your mod, we suggest cleaning the contact pin, firing pin, tube threads, as well as the inside of all of the tubes. To clean simply remove the contact pin from the mod and thoroughly clean the contact pin,firing pin, threads, and inside of the mod tubes with a microfiber towel and standard rubbing alcohol to remove the manufacturing oil which will decrease the conductivity (aka decrease the resistance/drop voltage)

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