Authentic Agent Variable Voltage Box Mod By Conspiracy Inc

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Introducing the Agent 110 Watt Box Mod by Conspiracy Inc, a variable voltage device that can handle up to 110 watts in a sleek, svelte box! Blacked out and engraved with Conspiracy Inc's signature emblems. Running dual 18650 batteries in SERIES. Agent utilizes the OKL-T/20 chip to provide a high efficiency variable voltage output from 3.5 to 5.5 volts. Firing down to .27 ohms at max voltage, the OKL-T/20 chip can be run up to a max capacity of 20 amps and 110 watts safely. The magnetized door gives way to a easy-read battery tray, finished with brass contact points. The 510 utilizes a spring-loaded brass contact ensuring consistent battery contact and hassle free flush fitting. The potentiometer is located externally with artistically placed Conspiracy Inc engraving providing easy adjustment. Join the Conspiracy. Get yours now!!!!

Product Features:
OKL-T/20 Chip can handle up to 110 watts and 20 amps
Fires down to .27 ohms at max voltage
3.5 to 5.5 volts
Easy to use dialed potentiometer for voltage adjustment
Spring-loaded brass contact
Matte Black and engraved with Conspiracy 
Stainless Steel High Click Switch
Individually serialized

Product Recommendations:
Utilize ONLY 20 Amp or higher IMR/INR Batteries!
Used paired batteries (same make and manufacturer) at all times!
Do NOT go above manufacturer recommended amperage or wattage limits!

Category: Agent Box Mod

Type: Mechanical Mod

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