Warranty / Returns

We have adopted industry standard policies for warranties and returns on certain products.  Our policy is very similar to almost every major vendor in the electronic cigarette industry and very seldom will we deviate from this policy. Please read and understand this policy before contacting us regarding any issues.  

Atomizer, Cartomizer, Rebuildable Atomizers, and Clearomizers (Any Product that Holds Liquid)

DOA= Dead on Arrival. This means the product you received was defective from the start and did not work whatsoever. For this we will replace your product with a new one, just let us know you received a defective device and send it back to us. It is highly recommended if you are going to vape for an extended period of time to purchase an ohm meter of some sort to test your devices.  They are very inexpensive and will save you a lot of headache as you begin to receive your vaping products.  If you have placed liquid in your device we will not accept the return under any circumstances. If you sent it back to us and we determine that you have put liquid in the device we will not issue a refund. This applies to the customer trying to clean the device before shipping it back us. 

We must be notified within 24 hours of you receiving these devices that they are Dead on Arrival(DOA). If you put liquid in the device and use it for 1 hour and it shorts, burns out, or just quits working the device is not covered under the warranty. If you purchase bulk devices and store them away for a month then this is not covered under the warranty policy.  

There are too many variables for us to determine what could go wrong with these devices.  We do know that as the industry has progressed in technology there is less of a failure rate.  These devices are manufactured by humans and there are going to be some defects. It is up to you within 24 hours to determine whether or not it is defective and notify us via email of the defective product. 

I have literally received a vaping device, used it for an hour, and thrown it away due to it burning out or shorting.  This is the nature of the beast in the vaping world and having China manufacturers.  
PRE ORDERS- Make sure you really want it because if item is 1 week away you cannot cancel your pre order.

Return Policy

Understand, if we make a mistake on a shipment that we will pay for shipping back to our facility. We will send you a pre paid postage  to your email to return your product that was shipped incorrectly.  Once we receive the wrong item shipped we will ship the correct product to you.  We can not send your product until we receive the wrong product. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL WE SHIP ANY PRODUCT OUT BEFORE WE RECEIVE THE WRONG PRODUCT SHIPPED.  Unfortunately, we have been taken advantage of our leniency in returning products and it messes it up for all the great customers that we have at PUFF PUFF VAPE LLC

Returns: If you change your mind about the product you received, you may return UNOPENED and UNUSED items for a FULL REFUND within 7 days of purchase.You will be responsible for the shipping charges to us. Shipping charges are NON REFUNDABLE.  You may not return e-juice, liquid products, or opened cartridges.

E-cigarettes are consumable products just like real cigarettes.  Continuing to use the e-cig will require replacing atomizers, batteries, and e-liquids, just as if you were smoking real cigarettes.  Most users save about 50% less when compared to traditional cigarette smoking.

Atomizers:  Atomizers require replacement depending on how much you use your e-cigarette.  The average user will go through 2-4 atomizers per month.  Atomizers are warranted for DOA (Dead on arrival) from date of delivery.    The way your atomizer tastes is out of our control, therefore, any complaints related to taste are not warranted. We carry an industry standard warranty on all of our products.  These are man made products and there is a chance that there is defective products. It is up to you to test your product when you receive it. 

If you would like to return a product for a refund, please contact us immediately at wevape@puffpuffvapeLv.com. Please provide as many details as possible, including ORDER#, Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and REASON for the return.

Also, YOU MUST ship in a bubble mailer or suitable packaging so that the package and its contents arrive un-broken.  If it is NOT PROTECTED and we receive damaged product, you will NOT GET A REFUND.  You will be given the option to pay for shipping of damaged product back to you.  USPS has sorting machines that will mutilate envelopes.  We cannot be responsible if the package was not sent with adequate protection.