Chuff Enuff Drip Tops


Made of delrin with a 1/2" bore drip tip built in, these are the ultimate top caps for cloud chasers.
The caps have been made to fit the Tobh Atomizer, Cartel Stillare, Halo Cap by Capitall, and Vulcan RBA. (Tops may fit other atomizer like plume veil, crest cap and CLT infinite , however, we specifically design our caps for these RDAs)

Each top will come with two sets of O-Rings. 1 set of o-rings will be made to be used with the Tobh and Vulcan RBA and the other set will work with the Stillare and Halo Cap.

 These are available in two styles and two colors - dome cap like the Stillare or finned cap like the TOBH and white or black delrin.

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