Authentic Stratum Wood Edition by OLC Andrey Sava

Stratum Wood by OLC

Using the SX350J Mini V2 chip, the Stratum Wood by OLC is one of the smallest single 18650 stabilized wood mods on the market.

Flush mounted buttons and flush screen window creates a very slick face and clean look. Angular lines surround the face, while an organic styled curved cut out around the battery tube creates ergonomics that allow for a smaller feel in the hand.

A secure battery hatch door requires only a 45 degree turn to reach its stop points. The door holds the battery securely, and an internal silicon grommet allows for automatic battery height adjustment.

The stainless steel 510 landing pad is custom made and sits just a hair below flush with the top plate of the device. The landing pad is secured by two screws, which allows for an additional purpose that will be presented in greater detail at a later time.

The spring loaded 510 center pin is made of copper for maximum conductivity and automatically adjusts to make contact with any atomizer pin height.

All exposed stainless steel components feature a bead blasted satin finish for a very clean and durable look.

Electrical engineering in this device is top notch, with a 0.30 volt drop on a 0.31 Ohm coil (Sony VTC5).

Overall, a highly respectable mod, that features beautiful stabilized wood, small size, a solid feel/weight, precision part construction and fitment, and solid electrical conductivity. There is not much else one could ask for.

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