Smok Tech 900mAh eGo NBC Kit

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Product Description

This is a 900mAh eGo kit that comes in a zippered eGo carrying case!  The case is compact but carries everything.  It comes with 2 batteries so you will always have a backup, although the 900mAh battery can last many people all day.  Also in this kit are 2 NBC (Nova Bottom Coil) Clearomizers which are excellent devices with great flavor and vapor production.  Because they are bottom coil they have less of a tendency to have dried out coils that can cause a burnt flavor. The kit includes a 420mA  charger to complete the packag along with 2 replacement coils.


Each Smok Tech 900mAh eGo NBC Kit includes:
2 - Black eGo 900mah batteries
2 - eGo NBC Clearomizers with 2.0 ohm coil
2 - Bottom coil replacement coils
1 - 420mah eGo charger
1 - Black zippered carrying case

Please note: The eGo batteries should be charged with the eGo charger only or the batteries may be damaged. The eGo charger should not be used with other 510 batteries or the batteries will be damaged. eGo batteries and charger come with a 30 day warranty. Cartomizers are only replaced if DOA. All batteries are tested prior to shipping.

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